Arizona State University is home to four branches of the military Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC): Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps. ROTC is an elective curriculum taken along with other required college classes. Partnering world-class university training with ROTC leadership skills, ASU empowers young men and women to lead in their career fields and in service to the nation.

Founded in 1935, ASU's Sun Devil Battalion is one of the oldest Army ROTC programs in the nation. Established through the Department of Military Science in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the battalion leads in officer commissions, second only to West Point and the Army's Officer Candidate School.

Air Force Detachment 025 or Flying Devils was created in 1948 as part of the Department of Aerospace Studies in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. With academic instruction from a cadre of experienced officers and a strong physical fitness program, our 100-strong cadet wing strengthen minds and bodies.

The most recent ROTC unit at ASU, Naval ROTC is part of the Department of Naval Sciences in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and on track to be one of the largest in the country. The Navy program was established to educate and train young men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Navy or Marine Corps, including the Navy Seal program.

Arizona State University’s AFROTC Detachment 025 is home to the Flying Devils; a detachment with more than 100 skilled cadets.
ASU's Sun Devil Battalion is one of the oldest Army ROTC programs and a leader in officer commissions in the nation.
ASU's Chinese Flagship-ROTC program prepares ROTC students to achieve a superior level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and become commissioned officers and effective cross-cultural communicators in all branches of the military.
Navy ROTC at ASU has quickly earned a reputation for producing the finest officers in the fleet.
The Critical Languages Institute supports four language programs at ASU for Project Go, a nationwide program training ROTC students for summer study in Arizona and abroad.