Active Duty and Reserve

Arizona State University has been named a 2019 "Military Friendly School" from Victory Media for the nineth consecutive year. Earning a rating as a college for veterans, the military friendly designation honors the top colleges, universities and trade schools that are leaders in providing educational support benefits and paths to success to military veterans.

ASU and ASU online recognizes the unique nature of the military lifestyle and is committed to creating programs that meet the needs of military families as well as easing the transfer of relevant course credits earned from regionally accredited schools

We are also home to the Simultaneous Membership Program designed for current degree-seeking reserve and national guard cadets and Army's Green-to-Gold Program, designed to support enlisted soldiers' degree aspirations and shift to become officers. 

To help you better explore how to get started, check out our Military Frequently Asked Questions:

Can ASU Online degrees be completed outside of Arizona or even overseas?

In general, yes they can. It is very important to have consistent internet access. ASU Online is not recommended for those who regularly have internet blackouts overseas.

Does ASU accept military benefits?

Yes, ASU accepts Veteran Affairs benefits in the form of the VA GI Bill chapters and Department of Defense benefits in form of Tuition Assistance.

Will my GI Bill® cover tuition in full?

In some cases, but ASU is not permitted to determine eligibility for VA benefits. If you have questions about your eligible please call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 FREE.

I have never used my GI Bill®, how do I get started?

 Prospective students should apply for their VA benefits before or at the same time that they apply for admission to ASU. The VA application can be found at

I have used my benefits at another school; how do I switch my benefits over to ASU?

The Change of Training (22-1995) form provided through the VONAPP portal ( is the timeliest way to switch over your benefits. Once the switch is made the VA should send out a new Certificate of Eligibility and update your school status in e-benefits.

Does ASU Online offer tuition at the Tuition Assistance rate?

For students enrolled in a fully online degree program, most ASU graduate tuition amounts range from $482 to $852 per credit hour, regardless of residency status, with no additional program fees.

Specific tuition amounts for each program are listed on the individual program pages.

How do I access my Tuition Assistance and Top-up?

Tuition Assistance and Top-up are processed through the student’s branch of service. Your Education Center would be able to assist you through the process. For students with access the process is explained in detail on their site.

ASU created the Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement, a portal for university and community programs and resources for those employed, deployed, researching and teaching, or interested in veterans’ affairs
The Pat Tillman Veterans Center provides a central hub for ASU’s commitment to student veteran success.
Some options for scholarships and further direction to more information.