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  • Air University, ASU partner to transform online professional military education

    On April 15, Air Force students crossed a digital threshold by logging in to a new, custom Squadron Officer School portal made possible by an innovative collaboration. Air University partnered with Arizona State University to transform the distance learning experience for Air Force officers and civilians worldwide. By the first week of May, 1,650 Squadron Officer School students had successfully...... Read more

  • Marine veteran professor challenges vets to take honors route

    Editor’s Note: This Q&A is part of a series of articles focusing on military veterans who are part of ASU’s faculty. Over 460 veterans work at ASU, including 151 in the faculty and 312 who are university staff. He is a Marine Corps veteran, licensed attorney, literary scholar and a sought-after professor at the Arizona State University college known for...... Read more

  • Could climate change affect national security?

    Climate change and national security are two topics most people don’t connect. But a retired Air Force leader connected the dots between the two at a lecture at Arizona State University. “I’m not here to convince you about climate change,” said Lt. Gen. Dirk Jameson. “I’m past that.” The science is definitive, he added. With all the data...... Read more


New Army ROTC initiative connects past with future

ASU: A Leader in National Defense

At Arizona State University, we are committed to fostering the success of more than 10,300 on-campus and online active duty military, veterans and their dependents enrolled at ASU.

Besides being ranked No. 1 for innovation, we are also home to programs that rate in the top 5 for the nation in graduate degrees in public affairs, such as the No. 2 in Criminology and Criminal Justice and No. 3 ranked programs in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Information and Technology Management, Local Government Management, in addition to the graduate business program in Supply Chain and Logistics. 

We are also home to some of the nation's top online programs. We have been recognized for being No. 1 in Online Bachelor's Programs in the U.S. and our online graduate master's programs were ranked No. 1 in General Management, as well as Marketing, in MBA programs, as were our graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, and Instructional Media in education. (U.S. News & World Report, 2021).

Whatever goals you wish to pursue, we have the people and support services to help all of our service members and their families thrive.

ASU: A Leader in National Defense

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Many people mistakenly assume that gerontology, the study of aging and issues older people face, is sad or depressing.

Cecilia Muñoz may be small, but she’s got sharp elbows.

The 21st-century version of the longbow or the machine gun is the drone. Surveillance drones, predator drones, reaper drones — the skies have taught a whole generation to move under top cover.