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Three AFROTC members standing side-by-side at ASU's Hayden Lawn at the Tempe campus.

Air Force

Arizona State University’s AFROTC Detachment 025 is home to the Flying Devils; a detachment with more than 100 skilled cadets. Founded in July of 1948, Detachment 025 has commissioned more than 1,000 qualified officers into the world’s greatest Air Force. With more than 70 years of heritage and camaraderie, cadets learn to lead with honor, dedication and determination.

Our cadets develop skills necessary to become successful officers and leaders in both military and civilian environments. From Freshman to senior year, Detachment 025 cadets discover the traditions and heritage of the military, build lifelong friendships, develop physically during intensive training sessions and experience hands-on leadership opportunities in active duty Air Force scenarios - all while maintaining a good academic standing. If you have what it takes, you can also earn scholarships to pay for your college tuition.

Some of the opportunities AFROTC offers include:

  • Air Force base visits
  • community service hours
  • traditional feasts like Dining In and Dining Out
  • sports competitions and Tough Mudder run
  • paintball matches and golf tournaments
  • competitive scholarships

The detachment also encourages the development of the “full-person concept” through participation in organizations such as Silver Wings, a civilian and military professional organization, Arnold Air Society, a cadet organization, and Scabbard and Blade, a joint branch organization.

Want to learn more about the Flying Devils and potentially join the excitement? Just click the link to learn how you qualify.

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